How to Create Fun Ways to Help Students Relieve Stress

Helping students relieve stress doesn’t have to be complicated nor take up all of your time! Implement these creative and fun ways to promote stress management strategies for high school students!

As a counselor, helping fresh out of high school students relieve stress is one of my top priorities! I know you can relate when sometimes your encouraging words don’t stick with them. That is why I love implementing these strategies to remind students to practice good self-care. Plus, these tips will help save you time in the long run!

How to help students relieve stress

Step #1 : Create an engaging bulletin board


Create a bulletin board that promotes 26 ways to help students “chill out.” 

The fall season or any transition season can be stressful for students! I love having ideas available for students seasonally or all-year-round to remind them of ways to relax. Also, these suggestions are great for faculty and staff to see as a daily reminder. Everyone can use some stress management tips, am I right? 

Step #2: Use tips as morning announcements


Save time by using these tips as morning announcements or monthly themes.

Some are visual learners, but some auditory learners just need to hear these reminders at the start of their day. Don’t reinvent the wheel, and don’t make it complicated! Simple restate each of these stress management tips during morning announcements! You can repeat them; repeatedly hearing the same thing helps students remember!

Don’t have access to morning announcements? You can use each of these stress management tips in a monthly newsletter, the theme for Spirit Week, or focus for your small counseling groups. The possibilities are endless!

Step #3: Dive deep into a specific strategy like time management


Teach students college success skills, like time management, to help them reduce their feelings of stress.

Many high school and 1st-year college students are still learning and refining the skills they need to succeed during these stressful, competitive, and busy seasons. One of my favorite topics to teach is time management! Many students have no idea where their time is going or know where it is but need help getting things under control.

I love using this lesson with activities to visually help students see and manage their time. Once they have their schedules in order, they can feel like they control and ultimately help reduce their stress.

In summary, TLDR:

  • Utilize your wall space for visual learners to incorporate helpful stress management strategies
  • Try using morning announcements, monthly newsletters, or weekly themes to reiterate these stress management strategies
  • Teach a college success skill like time management to help students relieve their stress and feelings of overwhelm.

short on time? take a shortcut!

If you are short on time and have no idea which stress management strategies you want to highlight for students, check out these helpful, low-prep resources below!


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